Vermont Cookie Love: About Us, Mission, Friends

About Us:

With a two-year-old son, and a daughter on the horizon, Paul and Suzanna left behind their life in New York City and bought a 200-year-old house in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont. Paul brought along his sommelier expertise from the finest restaurants in New York and Suzanna brought her legal background. Not content to spend their free time (of which they had none) and money (of which they had none) on renovating their home, they decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. Paul dreamed of having a burrito business reminiscent of his days in the Mission District in San Francisco, but Suzanna had always longed for a cookie shop. One day Suzanna said, "maybe we should combine our ideas - cookies and burritos." Then one of them (they will forever debate who) suggested selling cookie dough packaged like a burrito and a company was born.

When Suzanna was a little girl, she was the cookie baker in her family. Making chocolate chip cookies was something that always brought her family together by making everyone feel good, even when times were tough. First they'd "sample" the dough, then, if there was any left, everyone would descend on the warm cookies as they came out of the oven. That first sheet seldom made it to the cookie jar. For Suzanna, homemade chocolate chip cookies symbolized love - hence the company name.

Vermont Cookie Love started selling cookies and frozen cookie dough at the Shelburne Farmer's Market in June 2007. By the end of that summer, they had placed their frozen cookie dough in a couple of local stores, starting with the Shelburne Supermarket, and by the end of December 2007, their dough was being sold in 23 stores. In December 2008 they opened The Love Shack, their 1500-square-foot production facility and cookie shop on Route 7 in North Ferrisburgh.  In November of 2010 they launched Love Triangles, their line of ready-to-bake frozen scones.  As of March 2011 their products could be found in approximately 60 stores in five states, and are baked in many cafes and university dining halls.  In September 2011, Vermont Cookie Love began serving as the cookie vendor in the Vermont House at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

With their cookies and frozen cookie dough, Vermont Cookie Love offers you a hot-out-of-the-oven cookie love experience that will make you feel good. They hope that you will enjoy some of the family togetherness that has made cookie baking so meaningful for them.


To continue our passionate commitment to producing the best all natural frozen cookie dough available on the market, with an emphasis on using the highest quality Vermont-based ingredients possible.

To build a conscious, values-based company committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, supporting local schools and arts organizations, and developing and implementing a philanthropic vision.


King Arthur Flour:  Started in Boston in 1790 and now based in Norwich, Vt., America's oldest flour company has grown from a regional staple to a brand known nationwide not only for its high-quality flours but for its passion in sharing the joy of baking. From a family-owned operation for five generations to a 100 percent employee-owned business, King Arthur started a small mail-order business with five employees in 1990 and has become a premier baking resource with nearly 200 employees. King Arthur Flour - the Baker's Catalogue offers more than 1,000 professional-grade baking tools and ingredients through its catalogue, online at, and at The Baker's Store in Norwich, VT.

Cabot:  In 1919, 94 farmers from the Cabot area figured that if they joined forces, they could turn their excess milk into butter and market it throughout New England. The intrepid 94 purchased the village creamery (built in 1893) and began producing butter under the Rosedale brand name. Over the next two decades, Cabot's farmer-owners thrived by shipping their milk and butter south. In 1960, Cabot's membership reached 600 farm families. By this time, Cabot had dropped the Rosedale name and was marketing high-quality cheeses and butter under the Cabot brand. 1992 was a pivotal year in the company's history as Cabot's farmer-owners merged with the 1,800 farm families of Agri-mark, a southern New England co-op dating back to 1918. Together, the combined companies boasted more than 1,500 farms, four processing plants and a large product line. Cabot blends state-of-the-art facilities and a savvy entrepreneurial spirit, with the timeless values a personal commitment to quality that comes from being 100% owned by their farm families.

Barry Callebaut:  In 1996 the Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut and the French chocolate company Cacao Barry joined forces, creating a new company called Barry Callebaut. Both Cacao Barry and Callebaut were widely recognized in the food industry as reliable suppliers of high-quality products and as dependable business partners for thousands of wholesale and retail specialists in the chocolate industry. With more than 30 production facilities and some 8,000 employees, Barry Callebaut is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate. The company has evolved from a supplier of industry and specialty chocolates for industrial and artisanal customers into a provider of integrated solutions, from the bean to the shelf, to the entire food industry.

Vermont Coffee Company:  Vermont Coffee Company is a small-town roaster located in Middlebury, Vermont. They serve their local markets with coffee roasted one day and shipped to customers the next. They treat coffee like produce, and want you to enjoy it fresh. They only use 100% certified organic, 100% fair trade, shade-grown coffees.

Gotham City Graphics:  This woman-owned graphic design boutique in Burlington has been with us from the beginning. They helped us define and develop our logo, postcards, DOUGH-rito packaging, gift card tags, merchandising displays, and now our website. We can't imagine having gotten this company off the ground without their patience, support, and most of all, their creativity and sense of fun.

Leo O'Reilly, O'Reilly & O'Reilly Business Services:  Leo provides us with accounting expertise. He assisted us in setting up our books, provides us with tax preparation, and has advised us on business planning and strategic business analysis. He understands the plight of the small business owner and is committed to helping us achieve our goals.

Merritt & Merritt & Moulton:  Merritt & Merritt & Moulton is a boutique law firm that collaborates with publicly- and privately-held growth companies throughout the Northeast, as well as the venture capital, government, institutional and private investors that support them, to build and guide their businesses. We provide emerging companies with focused business and legal advice from incorporation through seed financing, venture financing and liquidity events, including initial public offerings and mergers and acquisitions. Merritt & Merritt & Moulton also advises companies on a variety of day-to-day issues, such as employment matters, intellectual property protection, commercial contracts and real estate transactions.

Hillcrest Foods, Inc.:  Hillcrest started in Fairfax Vermont as a poultry farm but expanded in the nineties as a specialty supplier to the bakery and foodservice industry. In 1992 Hillcrest Trucking & Storage was established to facilitate timely and cost-efficient delivery to customers. Today, Hillcrest Foods continues a family partnership with their customers; they believe it is important to preserve a personal touch, as every account they service is special and important. Bakery items and specialty ingredients continue to be the primary focus.

Vermont Specialty Food Association:  The Vermont Specialty Food Association has grown to over 100 members from only a dozen at its inception 15 years ago. The association is made up of small to large Vermont food businesses who all share the same philosophy of providing the consumer with a fabulous specialty food.

Vermont Rolling Pins: Gorgeous hand-turned rolling pins made from solid block maple, cherry or walnut hardwood. Their craftsmanship makes them worthy of display.

Color Shack Fabrication: Gary Blodgett of the Color Shack made the awesome new signs on our building.  We could not be happier with the results and he was a real pleasure to work with!

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