Shipping Policy

Vermont Cookie Love is dedicated to delivering our cookies as close to out-of-the-oven as possible. We bake our cookies the same day we ship them.  We recommend using USPS Priority Mail, which arrives within 2-3 days to most locations.  We make every effort to ship orders within one day of the order being placed.

Orders received between 11:00 AM EST Thursday and Sunday will not be shipped until the following Monday or Tuesday.  To request a specific or more expedited delivery date, please call 802-425-8181 to determine whether your desired date can be accommodated.

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To order frozen dough, please call us at 1-802-425-8181 or send an email to Frozen cookie dough must be shipped to arrive in one day, and overnight shipping costs from $30 - $100.  The price largely depends on how far you are from Vermont.

When ordering frozen cookie dough, it is highly recommended that you or someone you trust be available at the delivery location to accept the delivery, especially during the warmer months.

Cookie dough should be placed in the freezer or refrigerator as soon as possible upon receipt.While your dough may not still be frozen when it arrives, it should beat 40 or colder, i.e., “refrigerator cold.”  It is safe to refreeze your dough, or if you plan to use it within a week, you may keep it in the refrigerator.  If you have any problems with your dough when it arrives,please give us a call.  Vermont Cookie Love cannot be responsible for items that have spoiled because the recipient was not in and shipper was unable to deliver.

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Colleges and Universities seem to fall into two categories: those that notify students right away that they have a package, and those that don't.  We will make every effort to ensure that your package arrives at your student's mail center on time. From there, it's unfortunately out of our hands.

If you'd like to make sure your student gets their cookies as soon as possible, please let them know to check with their mail center. Thank you!

* * *


We reserve the right to substitute shipping service when necessary.  In the event the method used costs less than the one chosen by the customer, we will reduce the order total by the difference in shipping cost.

If you provide us with a preferred delivery date we will do our best to meet this date or we will let you know via email if we must schedule for a different date. We may receive your order previous to the necessary shipping date (you will receive email confirmation) but your credit card will not be charged until the actual shipment date. Please provide us with an email address or phone number where we can quickly reach you on the day previous to your requested delivery date should there be problems with your credit card.

Vermont Cookie Love cannot take responsibility for delayed deliveries or destroyed packages due to acts of God or animal, heavy holiday shipping schedules, or incomplete/incorrect delivery information. We reserve the right to pass along any additional charges to the ordering customer resulting from incomplete/incorrect delivery information given by the ordering customer.

Return Policy

Due to the perishable nature of our products, we ask that you not return cookies or cookie dough.  Please give us a call if there is any problem with your order and we will find a way to make it right. (802) 425-8181.

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