Frequently Asked Questions

When will my gift box arrive?
For answers to your shipping questions, please see Shipping.

How do I substitute flavors in a gift box? 
When you add a gift to your cart a window opens asking for your Gift Message and Order Notes. If you wanted Enduring Love instead of True Love in a box, write in the Order Notes field: “Please to substitute the Enduring Love for the True Love”. It's that easy!

What local ingredients do you use?
We are committed to sourcing local ingredients whenever possible.  Here are some Vermont companies we proudly support:

  • Callebaut Chocolate from the Callebaut factory in St. Albans, VT
  • Vermont Coffee Company (organic, fair trade) from Middlebury, VT
  • Cabot Butter (locally sourced) from Cabot Creamery, Waitsfield, VT
  • Monument Farms Dairy, Weybridge, VT
  • Kingdom Creamery, East Hardwick, VT
  • Kimball Brook Farms (organic), Hinesburg, VT
  • Maple in Vermont, Charlotte, VT
  • West Meadow Farm, Colchester, VT
  • Wilcox Ice Cream, Arlington, VT

What is your GMO policy?
As of May 2015 our cookies and frozen cookie dough are officially GMO-free.  The main ingredients of concern in our products were canola oil, chocolate containing soya lecithin, and sugar.  We use expeller-pressed GMO-free canola oil, GMO-free chocolate from Callebaut Chocolate (made in Vermont) and pure cane sugar.  From the beginning we've used the highest quality ingredients including Cabot AA butter, Madagascar vanilla, Teddy's peanut butter, and organic coconut.  We now have certification from our suppliers that our ingredients are non-GMO.  Yahooo!

The only exception is our Mother's Love flavor, made with butterscotch morsels that are not non-GMO.  This flavor is not included in our line of frozen dough and is only sold at our retail store. 

When will you have Mother's Love in frozen dough?
We are still working to find a wholesale source for butterscotch chips that meets our standards. Consequently Mother's Love is not a packaged flavor and is only sold at our store in N Ferrisburgh.

Do you make gluten free products?
Yes! We now make Cookie Love® wheat-free chocolate chip cookies.  Our wheat-free cookies can't be labeled "gluten free" because our shop uses wheat for other products and there could be some air-born wheat particles in the dough.  But we’ve heard from our gluten-free customers that they love 'em.  

Our wheat free cookies are made with tapioca starch and rice flour from the West Meadow Farm in Colchester, VT.   In the future we hope to be able to offer you an officially "gluten free' cookie from a facility that only processes gluten free products. 

Wheat Free Chocolate Chip cookies can be purchased several ways: Choose the "Wheat Free One Love" gift box, or substitute wheat free chocolate chip for any flavor in any of our other gift boxes.  Here's how to substitute:  Add a gift to your cart and a window opens for your gift message. There will be an Order Notes field.  Simply write in the "Order Notes" field that you'd like a substitution.  

Cookie Love® wheat-free chocolate chip fresh baked cookies and frozen cookie dough are also available at our store.  Call ahead if you want more than a few, they disappear fast!

Are your products organic?
Not yet. Once again, we hope to branch out into organics in the future. 

Where can we buy your fresh-baked cookies?
The best place to get Cookie Love® cookies is at our own cookie shop, The Love Shack, opened in December 2008 in North Ferrisburgh, VT. 

Do you sell your baked cookies in stores?
We sell packaged cookies at the following Vermont stores: 
( To find an address or phone see Where to Buy.  )

  • Healthy Living Market, South Burlington, VT
  • City Market Onion River Coop, Burlington, VT
  • Shelburne Market, Shelburne, VT
  • Shelburne Farms Welcome Center, Shelburne, VT
  • Richmond Corner Market, Richmond, VT

Do you sell Cookie Love® frozen cookie dough in stores?
Yes! Please find all of your options here, at Where to Buy. And you can always purchase dough at our store The Love Shack in North Ferrisburgh, VT.

Is your raw dough safe to eat?
We use pasteurized eggs in our dough. Pasteurization kills Salmonella. According to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, pasteurized egg products can be used in recipes that will not be cooked, i.e., eaten raw, but it recommends that "high-risk persons," which it defines as "infants and young children, pregnant women and their unborn babies, older adults and people with weakened immune systems (such as those with HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and transplant patients)," not consume even pasteurized egg products un-cooked. 

Are there nuts in your cookies?
We make two flavors containing tree nuts or legumes, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, which includes crushed peanuts in addition to the peanut butter, and Enduring Love, which contains oatmeal, chocolate chips, coconut, almonds and dried cranberries.  All flavors are processed on the same equipment. 

Do you do wedding favors?
Not at this time.  Vermont Cookie Love® freshly baked cookies may be purchased by the dozen.  To find out more, please contact us at

Are you working on creating new flavors?
All the time!  We have a double chocolate mint cookie and a ginger cookie in the works.  If you have any special requests feel free to let us know at