Cookie Gift Boxes & Baskets

Whoa Nellie! You're about to make someone's day. Our gourmet cookie gift boxes are made in Vermont using the finest local ingredients. They're baked fresh to order and mailed the very same day. They're easily the best cookies you'll ever taste. Now shipping Nationwide! See Shipping for more information.

Holiday Oodles of Love!
from 42.00

Send a little love…or a lot!  Choose an 18, 24, 36, or 54 cookie sampler gift box filled with fresh-baked treats.  

Scroll down for a list of the flavors included.

Holiday Chocolate Lover's Gift Box

Whether this gift is for someone you love, or a business gift, this spectacular box of chocolate-themed goodness is a Holiday favorite. This box includes 6 cookies of each of the three flavors below totaling 18 freshly baked, delicious cookies.

Holiday Gift Basket

Our Holiday Gift Basket is a show-stopper of Cookie Love® goodness!  It's brimming with 36 rich and delicious cookies, 6 of each flavor listed below. We wrap the bountiful basket in cellophane and tie a stunning bow.  The Vermont Cookie Love Holiday Gift Basket makes a sweet statement of plenty.

Chocolate Lover's Gift Box

Do you know a chocohaulic? We have the perfect solution. The Chocolate Lover's Gift Box has a total of 18 cookies, half a dozen each of our top three chocolate flavors.

Oodles of Love!
from 42.00

If you or your gift recipient have never tried our cookies, this is a great way to be introduced to our brand of love! The Oodles of Love! gift box includes 6 of our most popular flavors (listed below) for a total of 18, 24, 36, or 54 cookies.

One Love Gift Box

Maybe you're a peanut butter fanatic... we understand that. Or maybe you need some Forbidden Love... hey, we understand that too. The One Love option lets you tank up on just the kind of love you need, one dozen at a time. Now with a Wheat Free option!  

Wholesome Love Gift Box

Say "I love You" in a way that's a little more original than the rest! Try some hearty cookies that are off the beaten path. The Wholesome Love Gift Box has a total of 18 cookies, half a dozen each of Enduring Love (coconut, oatmeal, chocolate chip, almond, dried cranberry), Puppy Love (peanut butter chocolate chip), and True Love (oatmeal with dried cranberries).

Bundle of Love
from 42.00

Celebrate the baby shower or the arrival of a new family member with sweet, sweet, Cookie Love® cookies! Our Bundle of Love gift box includes our six most popular flavors for a total of 18, 24, 36 or 54 cookies.

Wheat-Free One Love

Hip hip hooray! Here's a dozen wheat-free chocolate chip cookies for those avoiding wheat.  With a smooth buttery texture and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips, some folks swear they're even better this way. (ingredients)

"I had your cookies for the first time last night and I just had to write to say how incredibly great they were! As a native Vermonter (now living in VA, unfortunately), I am fiercely proud of my state and get a little suspect of whether products with the Vermont name are truly up to par. Plus I absolutely LOVE chocolate chip cookies -… my all-time favorite dessert in the entire world. So when my husband got your tin as a birthday gift and offered me a choco chip cookie from a Vermont bakery, I had VERY high expectations. And you more than met them! The cookies looked so inviting and tasted amazing….  Both my husband and I were pleasantly surprised that they had the softness of cookies fresh from the oven. And the packaging/logo was very fitting, attractive and clever…. My hats off to Gotham City Graphics also."
- Christine M. Garrow, VA

"Thank you so much for making such great cookies. We will for sure be ordering from you more!"
-Coti, AZ

"I live in Manhattan and, like many New Yorkers, rarely use my oven. I received a Vermont Cookie Love gift box for my birthday... WOW! Each flavor is outstanding and I have tried them all!"
- John, New York City

"Cookie Love cookies are better than mom could ever dream of making!"
- Brad Howort, Vermont

“The gift box was presented just like it shows on the website and the cookies were DELICIOUS. I was very happy with my purchase and will definitely be sending out more boxes in the future.”
- Dawn, Buffalo, NY