Chocolate Lover's Gift Box


Chocolate Lover's Gift Box


Do you know a chocohaulic? We have the perfect solution. The Chocolate Lover's Gift Box has a total of 18 cookies, half a dozen each of our top three chocolate flavors.

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Cookie Flavors:

FIRST LOVE™ - Chocolate Chip

The classic for all ages. We use semi-sweet chocolate chips and no nuts.

FORBIDDEN LOVE™ - Triple Chocolate Chip

A brownie-lover's favorite. We start with a rich dutched cocoa cookie dough base, then add semi-sweet and white chocolate chips. No nuts in this one either.

ADDICTED TO LOVE™ - Mocha Chocolate Chip

They taste like chocolate covered espresso beans. We use Vermont Coffee Company dark roast beans ground right into the cookie dough. The chips are semi-sweet. No nuts.

Cookies weigh 1¾ ounces (50 g) apiece.