Vermont Cookie Love®: Testimonials

"You have to know something about me first: I'm a cookie person. I'm okay with brownies, cakes, and the occasional éclair, but I brake for cookies. Name a brand and I've tried it. Oh sure, I had a lot of one-night cookie stands. But then I discovered Vermont Cookie Love cookies, and everything changed. Honestly, now I get so happy when offered a Vermont Cookie Love cookie because I know not only will I love it, but it will love me. It doesn't just satisfy all my sugar lust, it wants to cuddle afterwards, too. The flavors and ingredients and cute packaging are all really great, yea, sure, fantastic, but there is an element that goes into these cookies that makes them the best you will ever eat. And after much research, I believe this element to be LOVE. I challenge you to find a tasty, fresh cookie that will satisfy you more than Vermont Cookie Love cookies.
And don't even get me started on the magical power of that dough...." - Deb in Los Angeles, CA



"I live in Manhattan and, like many New Yorkers, rarely use my oven. I received a six-pack of Vermont Cookie Love dough for my birthday. I baked the Cranberry Oatmeal cookies first. They were so delicious; I baked the Triple Chocolate Chip dough next. WOW (these are my favorites.) Each flavor is outstanding and I have tried them all! I even like to eat the dough right out of the freezer. What more can I say?"
- John, New York City



"Cookie Love cookies are better than mom could ever dream of making!"
- Brad Howort, Vermont



"Vermont Cookie Love makes such great cookies that I am a big hit in my neighborhood in Cumming, Georgia. I took some to several shut-ins on our block. They were all enthusiastic about the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of the Vermont Cookie Love cookies. Hooray for VCL!"
- Betsy, Cumming, Georgia



"Your cookie dough needs a warning label! It rarely makes it to the oven. And then I can't seem to stop at just one cookie. Seems I have to work out longer just so I can fight off the "love" handles."
- Anonymous



"I can certainly recommend your cookies. They were delicious and at a reasonable price which made them perfect for gifts to customers and clients. My favorites were the peanut butter ones but my husband loved the ones with the cranberries in them. Really, I loved them all and it's hard to pick a favorite."
- Kristina, St. Albans, VT



"I had your cookies for the first time last night and I just had to write to say how incredibly great they were! As a native Vermonter (now living in VA, unfortunately), I am fiercely proud of my state and get a little suspect of whether products with the Vermont name are truly up to par. Plus I absolutely LOVE chocolate chip cookies -… my all-time favorite dessert in the entire world. So when my husband got your tin as a birthday gift and offered me a choco chip cookie from a Vermont bakery, I had VERY high expectations. And you more than met them! The cookies looked so inviting and tasted amazing….  Both my husband and I were pleasantly surprised that they had the softness of cookies fresh from the oven. And the packaging/logo was very fitting, attractive and clever…. My hats off to Gotham City Graphics also."
- Christine M. Garrow, VA